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Shopping Spree, Parts and Bits galore

In the world of internet and smartphones, online shopping is becoming more and more a staple. So much so that most people elects using online shop for small bits and bobs for slightly higher price, rather than go to a local shop.

For electronic engineer, that means going to the nearest friendly online shop, and start stuffing your cart!

For one thing, most – if not all – the big electronic parts stores offer free shipping, as long as they have a local foothold. In addition, payment options are usually easy and hassle-free. Most stores accept at least 3 forms of payment, Credit/Debit cards, Bank payments, and Paypal. Some even extends to accepting local checks and drafts, and some even offer Credit Accounts!

Online Shopping : Where?

Some of you folks from the US of A or Europe probably know already. Regardless, I shall list a few popular online sites that caters to the electronic engineers and tinkerers.

Without further ado, I present you (in no particular order)

  1. Digikey
  2. Farnell/Newark/Element14
  3. RS-Online (Radio Spares, not RadioShack)
  4. Mouser
  5. Arrow


Online Shopping-DigiKey

Digi-Key Logo

Digikey (Alexa global ranking : 4979)

One of the biggest and most visited of them all, Digikey offers tons of electronic parts. From the smallest chip resistor, to big chunky and clunky electric switches. Unfortunately for me, they have yet to set up a foothold here in Malaysia, so shipping fare applies.


Online Shopping:Element14
Newark-Element14 Logo
Online Shopping:Element14
Farnell-Element14 Logo

Farnell/Newark/Element14 (Alexa Ranking : Farnell/Newark/Element14

Previously Farnell Electronics, now merging(splitting) into a single entity. Farnell mainly caters the European market, Newark caters to North-American and South-American market, while Element14 caters to Asia-Pasific. As such, this is one of the site I frequent the most for my online shopping, due to its free-shipping policy, and next-day delivery availability.


Online Shopping:RS-Online
RS-Online Logo

RS-Online (Alexa Global ranking: 4348)

Another site that I visit frequently as they also offer free shipping. However there are some gripes about the payment system that I hope they will fix in the near future.


Sadly, I haven’t had any chance to do business with the remaining two sites on the list and as such, I don’t have much information on them. But nevertheless, they are quite a famous presence on the internet.

In addition to enabling your parts and items shopping, turning it into a few clicks of the mouse button, they also provide informations and datasheets on parts and items. Most of the time you will spend on these site are probably scouring their database for fitting parts and reading the datasheets. Indeed, that is one of the aspect of electronic design as you search high and low for specifications to meet your needs.





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