Electronesk is Born!

March 2017, Electronesk emerges!

I’m finally getting off my lazy ass and start this page…

Hopefully it continues…!


This site will mostly be my documentary on my journey in Electronic Design and Engineering and other stuffs that I have interest in, are working on, or going to work in the future. The objective is to finally beat myself into shape, and teach myself to documents and to keep notes of whatever endeavor I am currently doing, that I have done, and that I will do (Project Planning, anyone?)


Currently I’m into the Microchip PIC18 Series, they’re a marvellous bunch of 8-bit microcontroller with capabilities up the wazoo!


There is also the shadow of great new gadget in the form of small, RGB LCD Screen from 4D systems that comes with its own microcontroller to ease functions, and of course, not to forget The Raspberry PI!

I am very very lucky indeed to have access to Keysight’s mid-range Oscilloscope, the DSOX2014 (Which have been ‘upgraded’ to include mixed-signal, and some other important and mind-blowing capabilities)

Current Goal

My goal in the near future is to complete a few projects of mine that can be amassed into some sort of system that we can tweak to suit the needs at hand. My japanese friend is starting a group of creators and skilled individuals to form a band of Jack-Of-All-Trades tradesmen, I am sure hoping we can get this thing up and running! よ、勇魚!

Oh yes, If I have the time I shall translate or post in Japanese as well to expand the ‘market’ even futher.

I shall be updating more on my current project and any other snippets of ‘building blocks’ I acquire along the way.






Born in Indonesia 1982, A Malaysian tinkerer with love and passion for all things electronics.

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